We offer Business Checking accounts at Villa Grove State Bank.


This account is for individuals and families and has no service charge when the average monthly balance remains above $200. There is a $5.00 monthly service charge if the account averages less than $200 for the month.

Freedom 55 Account

If you're 55 or over, and maintain an average daily balance of $1,500 in any combination of Savings, Certificate of Deposit, or IRA accounts, you're eligible for a Freedom 55 Account which offers the following complimentary services: an interest-bearing checking account, personalized checks, cashier's checks, money orders, a small safe deposit box, notary and signature guarantee service, and photocopies.

Please refer to our rates page for the current interest rate on this account.

NOW Account

Enjoy the benefits of a checking account that pays interest with a Villa Grove State Bank NOW Account. With a $1,000 average balance, a NOW Account is available at no charge. However, when the balance averages less than $1,000, the following service charges apply:

Average Balance Service Charge Interest
$500-999 $4/month No
$ 0-499 $5/month No


If more than 10 checks are written each month, there is an additional charge of 15 for each extra check. However, if the average balance for the month is $2,000, no check charge is imposed.

Please refer to our rates page for the current interest rate on this account.

Special Checking

Special Checking is available to people under age 21 or over age 62 and is designed for individuals who write no more than 10 checks each month. For any month when more than 10 checks are written and the average balance falls below $200, there is a $5.00 service charge. For those customers who have direct deposit of a Social Security check to this account, there is never a service charge, regardless of the balance.



Villa Grove State Bank customers can enjoy the convenience of a FISERV EFT MasterCard which can also be used as an ATM card. Your FISERV EFT MasterCard lets you access your checking account anywhere the MasterCard or CIRRUS logo is accepted. With a FISERV EFT MasterCard in your wallet, there's no need to carry your checkbook or go through the time-consuming check approval process when you're shopping or dining out. You'll find using your FISERV EFT MasterCard is faster and easier than writing a check, safer than carrying cash, and as handy as a credit card.


Your FISERV EFT MasterCard is also an ATM card, so you can use it at ATMs anywhere the MasterCard or CIRRUS logo is displayed.